I created a collage with "3 Felipes" in one image, all of them not showing their faces very well and looking worried. This montage is from September 8, 2019. Obviously my memory has not kept the exact reason for creating this picture.
But as I scrolled through my camera roll, I realized that even in 2019 I had some worry in my head. I already had some concerns.
And here we are in 2020 (and 2021) in the middle of a pandemic.
The image was created before being in the middle of this madness of not leaving the house and not seeing the family since March. A year before the economy got messier. A year before any worries I have today.
And I thought it was cool to see this reminder. I've been worrying about different things (and for different reasons). I know this will all pass and I need to remember that my focus is not on this life. My hope and my focus is that all this suffering will one day end.
I won't fear. Times change but the mighty God I believe... does not.
by Felipe Pelaquim
Originally Published • 10/27/2020
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