I don't know where I heard it, but I remember reading somewhere the following sentence: “it's necessary to mess up a little bit before order is established”. Or something like that.
I think that for almost everything I started in my life, everything went like this (professionally and even spiritually): get into a mess, and then resolve the issue(s).
To move to another house, for example, we need to empty every room, put some things in boxes, throw others stuff away.
And we only notice the the black mold after taking everything out of the way.
Taking care of the heart and mind requires us to cleanse so deeply sometimes we don't even notice the flaws behind the flaws.
It requires us to deal with the mess and throw things, belief, ideas and ego away.
And while I look back and see my missteps with shame... I also look at it as part of the process and the path.
I went through stages I didn't even know I would go through. Jesus takes me to improvements that I didn't even know I needed.
So don't just rely on the process. Trust His process.
by Felipe Pelaquim
Originally Published • 10/13/2020
Updated • 11/02/2021
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