2019 was crazy. A lot of (absurdly) good things were already happening early that year. During this period I was working at Mediacraft Content Co. as a graphic designer sometimes as a photographer.
One of those things (insanely good) was being able to follow Vivo's e-sports team bootcamp (Vivo Keyd). The trip lasted from 26FEB to 05MAR. Me and AMNX stayed at the very heart of Madrid. And it's like people say...
Work hard, play harder. :¬P
The purpose of this work trip was to create content to be published on Vivo's social media and also on the team's social. Of course, we were able to take many photos and also 3 videos that can be seen on YouTube.
The HQ was set on Matadero (more specifically at the Movistar Riders team headquarters). Great place to visit (besides taking some pictures). It is a huge center for arts (in many different ways) and also for restaurants.
The place we spent sleeping was located in Calle del Oso 19, in a beautiful AirBnB.
See you soon Madrid! Next time I'll be back with Beckie. ♡
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