While for some it may seem boring that I write about my faith, there is a desire in me - bigger than myself - to talk about hope. Not about religiosity.
I can't stay quiet, while this society suffers without purpose and gets sick from the emptiness present in their souls.
I've struggled with anxiety for some time. And I felt that there was something missing in me. I felt alone and that I lived without a direction (or purpose).
But today there is this desire to share what it really means to be a follower of Christ and what it is to serve a God of infinite love. What it is to serve a God who accepts and loves absolutely all his children, with all their flaws.
He knows our flaws, our problems, our pains and yet He gave his only Son to suffer and die like a human here on earth. And the name of this guy - who died for me and for each of us - is Jesus.
And that's what I want, for people to know the Son of God. Whether by texts people will read, by having conversations, by music I create, art or any kind of creation.
By Felipe Pelaquim • 11/01/2020
Updated • 11/17/2021
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