Having hope is not about having blind optimism.
In a world so uncertain for the future, looking at the Bible is what keeps me sane. And I don't say this being in a position of "religious blindness".
"Wow, but the book ends in 'apocalypse!'" – yes! Have you seen the etymology of the word? ⊙ ETIM lat.tar. apocalypsis,is, from gr. apokalúpsis, eōs 'act of discover; revelation'
Therefore, apocalypse is not a 'catastrophic end'. It's about a future that Jesus generously reveals to us.
To read the Bible is know more about Jesus and to be able to relate to the love he showed for people. You'll read about His teachings and will be confronted with our selfish and petty nature. It's about changing absolutely everything we are - from the inside out - in the heart and mind.
And the hope in this earthly life is that He will come back so that we are completely free.
Free from sadness, pain and suffering. Free from anxiety and depression. Cancer free. Insomnia free. Free from materialistic life, money and elitism. Free from poverty. Free from hunger. Free from hatred, racism, homophobia, prejudice and violence.
Free from the flesh.
By Felipe Pelaquim • 12/8/2020
Updated • 11/10/2021
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