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12h19 • 30/11/2022 • if there is one thing we can learn from Spotify Wrapped 2022 is that stats/data is f*ing cool xP 
11h14 • 25/11/2022 • what I most feared has happened: i think i'm losing my way (and my will) of creating
11h13 • 11/11/2022 • ronnie fieg is now the creative director of new york ny knicks! 😯 can't wait to see what they'll be up to
16h08 • 10/11/2022 • such a good read: why modern capitalism makes us miserable
11h28 • 10/11/2022 • people impersonating verified celebs on Twitter 🤣
15h52 • 9/11/2022 • just bought more books. that's the kindle effect  i guess
13h01 • 9/11/2022 • some clients won't respect your process and you'll have to deal with it :/
10h56 • 09/11/2022 • love listening to MadKeys and love his website:
10h33 • 09/11/2022 • I could spend hours reading van schneider's blog. he knows the stuff.
16h26 • 07/11/2022 • there's a brazilian in the NBA! wish you the best Raul Neto!
20h20 • 05/11/2022 • HBO's The Rehearsal is insane but I kinda like it? 
22h56 • 04/11/2022 • my goodness deRozan can play