Beckie went away for the weekend (work related) and I stayed home with my dogs. Everything here at home is still a mess because of the moving process, but I took the time to get back to practicing photography and portraits.
Self portraits are a great way to know yourself and find out how you behave in front of the cameras. But it's also perfect for studying poses and directions for taking pictures of other people later.
I like to take portraits when I can. I remember how excited I was at Senac's "Fashion, Beauty and Portrait Photography" course in 2016. I miss studying and learning new things a little! I'm considering enrolling for a new course soon. :¬)
Well, in these studies I tried to change editing styles from one image to another. I like to vary a little to see how far I can go.
I think it's just healthy not to get hooked on just one style. But this is something different from developing a sense of identity in photography.
I'll talk about this in another text. See you next time and have a great week!
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